Welcome to the

Village Green Gym

We are an outdoor based group exercise class.


We are for people who don’t like going to the “gym”. We don’t like scary, fancy equipment that needs a degree to know how to use and we don’t pose in front of the mirror while checking out our great muscles.


What we do aim to do is create a fun environment, something different each week and include anyone who wants to join us. We want to help you feel healthier, fitter and even more amazing.



I am Lara and I live just outside Finchingfield with my husband and 2 little ones. We moved here from West London at the beginning of 2016.


When we moved I cancelled my gym membership in the knowledge that I was safely far enough away from any gym to feel the pressure of re joining another one. However, after a few weeks I started to notice the difference not exercising made, maybe what they say is true and exercise was healthy after all…. But with a half an hour drive to get to the gym that I didn’t want to use I came up with an idea, I wanted to start my own outdoor fitness classes that were the opposite of the normal gym, not boring or repetitive, not sweaty and not so serious. So the Village Green Gym was born, each week a different class, in outdoor settings with a fun and friendly atmosphere.

I have completed my Level 3 active IQ diploma in fitness instruction and personal training. I hold an Active IQ qualification in pre and postnatal exercise. I have an emergency first aid at work certificate, I am REPS registered with full insurance.