Our classes

Buggy Fitness Class

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Short on time because you’re a mum? I know the feeling!! This class is 45 minutes of pure mummy workout bliss. We welcome babies and children to watch the Mummy work out. We work on building up cardio fitness that may have been neglected while your concentration has been on being a mummy. We also work on major muscle groups and core stability. Yummy daddies, grannies and granddaddies also welcome of course.


Please make sure you speak to your GP before starting this class to confirm that you are fit to exercise, this is usually 6-8 weeks after a “normal” labour. Don’t worry if babies are noisy during the class, no one will mind at all. We do suggest that you bring clothing for children that is suitable for the weather with layers just in case. It’s also a good idea to feed the little ones before the class and bring a few toys.

Lets Get Started

Not exercised in a long time and don’t know where or how to start, then this could be the perfect class for you to begin your journey into fitness. We will not shout or push anyone into doing anything that they are not comfortable with. We will offer options and choices for you to decide how to get the workout you want. In this class expect steady cardio that can be progressed over time as well as weights and resistance bands.


This is the Fabulous at 50+ class but open to any ages, we will not ID you on the door, cos there is no door…

Pre Natal

Exercising while pregnant has many health benefits and while it is important to listen to your body and take it easier than normal you may still want to try to keep fit and active during your pregnancy. During this class we do some light cardio, muscle strengthening and relaxing stretches.  This aims to improve strength, flexibility and posture. This class is suitable from your 12 week scan until baby arrives.

Personal Training

A personalised exercise package will be created to help you achieve your specific goals week by week.

Starting with a full consultation, including weigh in,  health screening and range of movement check, this will then be followed by a diet plan.

Each session we will work to help reach your goals, we will re evaluate and progress targets together, but most importantly ensure each session is fun and enjoyable for you as I feel this is the best way to keep to an exercise plan and be successful.